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UFO Daily

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UFO Daily has all the latest news and updates about UFO's worldwide! News stories and videos as soon as they come out.

This app pulls all the good ufo stories, pictures and videos from all over the world and puts them into one handy device daily! No other app about UFO's will give use the amount of new content as UFO Daily.

View Pictures and Crash sites, hear eyewitness testimony and judge for yourself about whta is really happening on this planet. View videos and sightings shot from around the globe of UFO's. The Government can't hide this much longer. With the amount of sightings you will see in this app you can't deny the UFO phenomena is real.

Take UFO photos within this app and it automatically attaches your GPS coordinates for you to email to us or friends. We want to hear your stories too! Send pictures and stories about UFO's right to us from within this app!

"#1 Fan App 2011"
" A wealth of new content for UFO enthusiasts!"
" New Stories Everyday!"

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