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Repeat Poker Solitaire

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You are dealt 52 standard deck cards and your task (if you choose to accept) is to place them on a 5x5 grid (25 grid places). As you place cards, try to make the biggest 'Poker hand' in a ROW (horizontal line - 5 cards). Once the hand is complete, the cards, forming the 'Poker hand', disappear and give you points. If the 'Poker hand' was say 'A pair' OR 'Three of a kind', only the 2 & 3 cards (respectively) go away, leaving you with the remaining cards to form another Poker hand.

After placing all 52 cards, you have completed a level and are ready for the next. It gets tougher as you will now have only 4 ROWS (not 5) to place the cards in. We don't stop there..number of rows decrease as the levels increase. (No we couldn't torture people with a 1 row game, its just too cruel! :)

Repeat Poker is for everyone. As long as you can remember/count cards, can make decisions and love to develop a strategy, you can play Repeat Poker. It uses Poker for scoring, but the rest is a fun 'n exciting, memory & strategy game.

Game Play Video:

Skills required:
♠ Memory - Card counting anyone?! Remember the cards dealt; and cards still in the deck
♥ Anticipation - Predict the cards that are coming up next and form your strategy around them
♣ Opportunistic - Look at the card dealt, take the opportunity to complete a hand for maximum points
♦ Decision Making - Do I place it in Row 1 or Row 3? Where will I get the biggest points payout?

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