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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) FREE

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Learn Chinese (Mandarin) the Fun Way!
Help us recognize and understand Chinese characters more easily and quickly.

Learn Chinese (Mandarin) the Fun Way! includes:
- Meanings of characters and compound words in English
- Writing strokes sequence, writing tips
- Hanyu Pinyin, audio pronunciations
- Ancient script, traditional character references
- Artword drawing representations
- Drawing board – drawings can be created and saved
- Radicals, phonetic hints, pictograph descriptions, character stories
- Learn These First – links to preceding characters that are related
- Compound words – examples of words formed with character
- Character search feature, search history
- Customize a lesson, save characters to Favorites
- Systematic learning syllabus - compound words contain only characters that have been taught earlier so that learner does not encounter “unknown” characters in reading examples
- Track learning progress and plan revisions by saving characters to “Favorites” and creating a user customized lesson

Learn Chinese (Mandarin) the Fun Way! is helpful for:
- Chinese language learners who have learning differences (dyslexia)
- Children whose mother tongue is not Chinese
- Chinese parents in English-speaking families who wish to learn and teach
- Adults who wish to learn Chinese
- Educators and teachers looking for a Chinese character teaching aid
- All beginner learners in the Chinese language who wishes to understand Chinese characters.

New Learning Approach :
- 字艺 Chinese-Artword™ – Decoding the Art of Chinese Characters– Decoding the Art of Chinese Characters
- Referenced to Singapore Primary 1 & 2 Chinese text books
- Made in Singapore

We appreciate and value any advice and feedback from the users of the app. Visit our website

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