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Sun Tzu Quotes

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Bringing the quotes of one of the wisest people to ever live in the world, Sun Tzu Quotes will definitely give its users a new and fresh perspective each time a quote is read. This app is a compilation of Sun Tzu’s most popular quotes including those that he used in his very famous book – Art of War. Each quote will show one of Sun Tzu’s teachings that will help a person in achieving a better personality. Each quote can be thought of as “words to live by” seeing as they are meant to improve a person’s inner self.

This app is very easy to use because of its user-friendly interface. Users need only to open the app to view the quotes by the famous Chinese wise man. All of the quotes are presented in a randomized order meaning that it takes a lot of time to view all of the quotes present in the app. At the bottom of each quote are two buttons that users can use to view another quote or to share the quote with their friends. Viewing and sharing quotes has never been this easy.

Sun Tzu Quotes is free and does not require the use of the internet to work. All of the data are downloaded automatically alongside the app. This app requires an Android operating system version of 2.1 and up to be installed onto a device. This app does not require a large storage mainly because of its simple and minimalist interface. There are only plain colours for the background and varying hues of the black colour for the text. This combination results to less strain on the eyes, allowing users to read more quotes in one sitting.
With over a hundred different quotes, this app will surely help in maintaining good vibes all day long for months on end. Users may even share the quotes with their friends using the share feature. Currently, this app has an average rating of 4.8 out of a maximum of 5 starts with majority of the users giving the app a 5 star rating. This simply means that almost all of the users of the app are perfectly satisfied with the product’s simple yet useful features. Download this app now and be amazed by all of the great things that the wise man had said. It might even change your perspective of life for the better.

- minimal size
- simple interface
- completely offline
- share button

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