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Cisco Data Meter

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Cisco Data Meter allows you to easily monitor your mobile data usage, test cell and wi-fi connection speeds, and find nearby wi-fi hotspots.

- Find out which apps are using the most data
- Track current data usage and estimate usage over time
- Easy-to-understand views of daily and monthly data activities
- Integrated cell and wi-fi speed tests and wi-fi hotspot locator
- Supports Android smartphones and tablets

***** “Very nice interface, easy to use and track data usage.”
***** “Useful and looks great.”
***** “Great app! I highly recommend it.”

- Data usage monitoring for Android smartphones and tablets, from version 2.2 to 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and Nexus 7
- Test download, upload, and ping speeds for both wi-fi and cell connections
- Find nearby Google Places hotspots where other users have tested wi-fi speeds
- Visit the Cisco Data Meter website to view aggregated global and regional mobile data usage metrics (
- Compare your data usage to other Data Meter users from around the world
- No continuous foreground service; the service only runs briefly on a connection state change so Data Meter consumes less battery life

Keywords: data counter, data monitor, data tracker, data manager, data traffic, smartphone usage, tablet usage, mobile Internet, network traffic

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