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WheelVolume Pro (unlock key)

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Try the most convenient, efficient way to control Android device volumes!

Using WheelVolume, you can slide out a wheel-pad then slide the wheel control clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust media volume precisely.

WheelVolume will float under any foreground application, so that you can adjust volume when watching YouTube, browsing the internet, gaming, and more.
Just watch the introductory video for a quick review.

[How to use]

1. Slide out the wheel and KEEP YOUR FINGER on the wheel.

2. Adjust volume to you desire level.

3. Release the wheel and done.

[More functions]

1. Slide your finger to the Music icon and then release will launch the Music Control function. Now you can control Play/Pause and Previous/Next on your favorite media player.

2. A long press on the Next/Previous icon will control fast-forward/rewind the target media player, if it has support for these functions. (This is currently only supported in “Poweramp” player.)

3. Slide your finger to the Setting icon and then release will launch the Audio Streams Control Pad, you can adjust other streams from here. (Notification, Voice, Alarm, System).

If you find a bug, please do not give WheelVolume a bad review on Google Play, send mail to me and I will quickly respond to you.

Any ideas suggestions are most welcome.

Enjoy and Thanks!

keywords: volume control, settings, iPod, floating windows, power amp, remote control, music player, volume-control, volume-level.

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