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Beyond Time, more than a Timer

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*** NOTE: If you are already using the free version, you can buy the license from Programs List screen's menu and continue to use the unlocked free app. No need to buy the paid app . Thank you. ***.

Meditation, Yoga, Zen, Qigong, Reiki. Methods and systems developed over millennia to help us transcend the manifested world and rediscover our true nature. Boundless, beyond time and space, divine.

This app is a convenient tool that can help you create that special space for your practice wherever you are, at home or on the go.

It goes beyond a "normal" timer app by enabling you to create custom multimedia sessions with Timers, Bells, Voice-over, background Music and Pictures of your choice to assist you in Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Qigong, Zen, Pilates, Aerobics, or Interval Training practice.

1. A program/session consists of a number of intervals that you define. Each interval has a timer, start/end bells, and can have voice-over and a picture. Music can be added to play in the background.

2. A Bell sound of your choice is played when timers are triggered. Bells can be repeated up to three times with a configurable delay. You can choose as a bell sound one of the 5 Tibetan singing bowls, tingsha, 2 gongs and 2 sports sounds. You can also record your own sounds or use any audio file from your device as a bell sound.

3. Background Music: Choose your favorite music background for your practice from your library on the device.

4. Voice-over: For each Interval you have the option to set a voice-over file to be played at a configurable delay after the timer. Voice-over files may contain guidance, visualizations, or any instructions you may want to hear during your practice. You can record your own voice-over files and add them to a program.

5. Pictures: A default picture is configured for a new program to be displayed when the session is started. You can change it with your own picture or set for each interval a different picture. This can be useful as a reminder for the next posture or movement when you learn a new routine, or maybe to help create the right body-mind-spirit state during meditation.

All this media is packaged by Beyond Time app in your custom program and can be played with a tap of a button to assist you whenever you want to practice.

6. Backup and restore your programs to and from your Google Drive, and easily share them with your other Android devices, or with your friends. This can be useful also when you upgrade your device.

7. Reporting: This feature enables you to view usage charts and export usage statistics and logs.

Additional details about how you can customize your programs:

- Timers can have any reasonable duration. The free version of the app is limited to a total 5 minutes duration of programs/sessions. You can unlock the unlimited duration by purchasing the license from Programs List screen, "Purchase License" menu option.
- Bells and Voice-over files are played at a configurable delay after the timer is triggered.
- Music, Voice-over or Pictures can be turned on/off from Settings for any particular practice session without modifying the whole program.
- Modify the total duration of a program right before starting. Intervals will be shrunk or expanded proportionally to accommodate the total duration as set by you.
- The audio volume for Bells, Music and Voice-over can be adjusted independently.
- Set the phone automatically on silent before you start a program.
- “Keep screen on” option.
- Configure how play progress is displayed, which can be any or all of the following: progress bar, time elapsed counter, and show files playing.

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