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The @Hunter app is developed for community administrators in VKontakte who has to clean up "dogs" regularly. "Dog" is a userhas been blocked for a spamming, frequent joining to communities or for something non-legal else.
Rules of VKontakte allow to get a TOP positions only for communities with active members. A great amount of blocked users can result into blocking of the community. So you'd better clean up dogs in your communities.

Features of an app:
- a cleaning of dogs in VKontakte communities
- a scheduling for clean process. @Hunter works according the principle "switch on & forget about it"
- all the cleaning jobs are started in a background service then after any problem (internet connection or Android crush) a cleaning will be started automatically.

Our plans:
- Cleaning up of dogs in "likes" and comments
- Optimizing of cleaning algorithm

A login and a password aren't saved on the device at all. @Hunter gets by them a hash-key and all the next requests are done with that key instead of your credentials. As a good tradition we suggest you to send us your advices. Please don't forget to vote for an app, your votes and critics helps to improve @Hunter. Enjoy!

* There's a music Love On A Real Train of Tangerine Dream (Germany) is used in video

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