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Meany Birds

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*** Warning: Extremely Challenging ***
Hungry MeanyBirds are circling the skies above, eyeing the poor little CutieFish.
Hopeless on his own, CutieFish needs your help…

Grab your bow, take aim, and fire!
Shoot down the Meany Birds before they have a chance to grab CutieFish!

Every second that passes is a second lost to hungry Meany Birds.

Only those with precise aim, timing, logic, sheer goodwill, and unwavering perseverance will succeed in saving the CutieFish…
Featuring hours of addicting gameplay, challenging you more and more as you pass each level, MeanyBirds forces sharp shooting and strategic thinking – introducing new obstacles and obstructions along your quest for fish-saving fame.
Download Meany Birds to find out if you’ve got what it takes to achieve 3-star shooting status!
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