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Moon Secrets (MULTI)

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** The Moon is a fascinating star that we see every night, but that brims with secrets that go far beyond its hidden face**

Moon Secrets is a lovely story that reveals the kindest face of our neighbor, the one that makes our parents kiss and the puppies bark.

“The Moon is a big eye that watches over me at night to keep me safe.” This is how Moon Secrets starts, with a hopeful, childlike perspective that continues up until the very end. A beautiful original melody accompanies the narration, immersing the reader in a fantasy world.

The story consists of 14 pages full of interactive activities perfect for developing children´s imagination and creative capacities. The reader can interact with different elements of the story as it goes on. From 3 years up.

Additional Characteristics

Guaranteed interactive surprises!!
14 pages of color graphics.
Narration of the text.
Charming sound effects!
Original music compositions.
Option of ´Read myself´, ´Read it to me´ and 'autoplay'.
For readers over 3 years old.

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