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SMS from Android 4.1

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WARNING: MMS doesn't work currently, sorry! I don't really have time to fix it at the moment, but it works in the previous version available here:

UPDATES: You may have noticed I haven't updated this for ages. Sorry. I bought a Nexus 4 and so I don't need this any more and don't have motivation to update it. A possible alternative is TextSecure which is free and based on the same code as this, plus it encrypts your texts!


This is the stock messaging (SMS & MMS) app from Android 4.1 Jellybean! The biggest improvements Google made in Jellybean are a new widget, photos in the notifications and a better recipient interface.

Remember to disable your existing SMS app's notifications or you will get two notifications for each message.

Please test the app to make sure it can send and receive messages correctly before relying on it! Test it a lot! Also if you are upgrading from the ICS version, PLEASE read the recent changes.

If you appreciate this and my other totally free stock apps, consider sending me some money (via paypal)! I'm poor and hungry and it takes a long time to do this!


* Some incomplete phone numbers in the ComposeMessageActivity are deleted when you go to enter the message. I found the cause of this but there is not much I can do.
* Contact photos may not sync properly. According to one user this is expected behaviour and it is basically Facebook's fault.
* Widget is flickery when it loads. I looked into it. Can't find problem; may be Samsung's bug since it doesn't happen in emulator.
* Widget "Show more conversations" button goes to the compose message activity instead of the message list. This is very weird.
* SMS notifications might be unreliable for you. Test it a lot!
* MMS doesn't work at all right now.

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