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If you are an Army Soldier or Leader then this is the Must have App for You and Your Soldiers. Study Guide DELUXE Edition has more than just a Board Study Guide. It has all the tools to set You and Your Soldiers up for success. DA Form 4856 examples, NCOER bullet examples, NEW ADP& ADRP Army Board Study Guide (This is The most UP-To-Date Army Study Guide on the internet) Plus other Subjects: AR 600-20, AR 600-9, FM 7-22, Equal Opportunity, SHARP, ADP 6-22 and ADRP 6-22 and many more.(with More to Come and will be pushed out for Free to update your App), PRT Program Drills, Military Vehicle PMCS and PT Test Instructions for Each Event (Never have to run back to the Orderly Room again to grab the PT Book to read the Instructions for the APFT), Army Cadence's (recommend that you learn these and not be running while reading them from your phone) and more.

This is the Most Current and Up-To-Date Board Study Guide on the Market for Army Doctrine 2015, Joint Force 2020 and Army Doctrine 2020. So Ensure that you are studying the Current Board Questions from "the list" that the CSM's and 1SG's will be asking from. Do not waste your time on Old Material in Old Study Guides with outdated information or Apps containing only a few Questions for each of the Subjects. This App is fully loaded with Study Guide Board Questions for each ADP & ADRP and Other Board Subjects (With More Subjects Coming Soon, If you purchase the App the updates will be pushed out to you and you will continue to receive the new subjects for Free Army Study Guide updates). Hands Down if you Learn these Study Guide Board Questions and Answers You Will Smoke your Next Army Promotion Board or Quarter Board and Completely Impress those Senior NCO's the CSM's and 1SG's.

Created By a "1SG" that has Directly Mentored Numerous NCO's and Soldier of the Year Winners and Countless NCO & Soldier of the Quarter & Month Winners to include the 2010 1st CAV and FT Hood & III Corps NCO of the Year. Top Knows what Questions Soldiers should study, so Do Not Hesitate to contact him using the Contact Button Below or email him at 1SG had been Planning on doing a Deluxe Edition for Some time now and with the Assistance and help from SSG Shawn Hogan they made it a reality. 1SG and SSG Hogan's collaboration has lead to an Excellent Tool by using 1SG's Experience and Vast Knowledge and SSG Hogan's Insight into current Mid & Junior NCO Leader's Needs and his Gift of Graphics they have put together the Best App for Soldiers and Leaders on the Market. SSG Hogan Volunteered his time and Efforts to ensure that Soldiers were getting a Great Tool and this App is a direct result of his talents and his Awesome Ideas. TOP definitely owes him a debt of Gratitude and Admiration for his sense of Duty, Loyalty and Selfless Service to Our Soldiers. To study a The Army Study Guide Free, visit the website

Created with the intent to Prepare and Help our "Future NCO's" and "Future Army Leaders"!!!

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