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Google calendar widgets

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There are some widgets which can show events from all your personal and connected Google calendars.

Widgets List:
'C-Day': It shows all events in one day.
'C-Week': It shows one week. First window has a clock and the last window ('Calendar') for selected independently future events (like 'C-Agenda').
'C-Month': It shows one month.
'C-MonthHuge': It shows one month with the increased sizes.
'C-Agenda': All events starting from the current day and 2-4 weeks forward.

You can browse through the days by pillows on the title.
Press the middle of the title to return to the current date.
To see all events press the widget's cell and scroll down in the popup window.

The widgets can work offline.

Press the app icon to enter the Parameters screen.
On the 'Fonts' and 'Colors' tabs you can change all font sizes and colors (fonts, backgrounds and transparency).
On the 'Calendars' tab you can tick off which calendars will be shown in all widgets (first column) and you can tick off calendars that are used for the 'Calendar' windows in the widget 'C-Week' (second column).

- after installation of this app do not forget to allow connection to the Google calendars. Notification has to appear in the status bar.
- don't move app to the SD.

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