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AutoSqueeze (Tasker Plug-in)

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\**Requires Tasker, Locale or DashClock to function**//

New: DashClock support!

Ever wanted to control your Squeezebox devices without reaching for a remote?
Or wanted the music to automatically turn on as soon as you enter your home?

Well now you can!

With AutoSqueeze you can control all your SqueezeBoxes without touching a button. For example setup tasker to automatically start a playlist when your phone connects to your home WIFI or mute your music when you receive a phonecall!

Currently supported commands:
*Power On
*Power Off
*Start Selected Playlist
*Set Volume
*Sleep [minutes]
*Go to Previous Track
*Go to Next Track
*Play random track/album
*Custom command

This plugin is compatible with password protected servers!
*Not compatible with players only connected to

Note: AutoSqueeze requires Locale, Tasker or Dashclock to function. Once installed it will become visible inside these apps as a third-party plugin. Once you select it you will be able to define your server, Squeezebox player and the command you would like to send to this SqueezeBox.

Search keywords: Logitech Media Server, Logitech Squeezebox, Slimplayer, Slimdevices, DashClock Extension.

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