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Jo Baka Special

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"Jo Baka, Jo Bhura, Jo Mota" are the words used by Gujarati people to call their friends and loved ones. And past few days it become a trend on social media to create such memes. Now this trends also introduced some new words like "Dekh Bhai, Dekh Bhen, Look Dear, Look Brother, Look Sister, etc."

You can create various kind of "Jo Baka, Jo Bakudi, Jo Bhura, Jo Bhuri, Dekh Bhai, Dekh Bhen, Look Dear, Look Brother, Look Sister, Keep Calm" memes using Jo Baka Special app. Here you have wide option to customize meme. You can choose background color, text color, text style. You also can choose various kind of meme.

Apart from that you can also create another two international meme called "Keep Calm" and funny "Y U NO" memes. You can checkout the details below.

Features of Jo Baka Special
•  create "Keep Calm" posters using different images *new*
•  select background color of picture
•  select text color for different text
•  apply various kind of text style
•  choose different bakas from 100+ bakas
•  choose bakas from your gallery
•  save image to gallery
•  directly share image to your friends
•  contains push notification for new updates and news

Some of popular memes

* Jo Baka *
Jo Baka - Taklif to revani
Jo Baka - Ravivare to Jalebi Gathiya Jose j
Jo Baka - Heran to tare j thavanu
Jo Baka - Koi chokri no bharoso nai karvano
Jo Baka - Tu taru kam kar
Jo Baka - Aapde to avaj revana
Jo Baka - Bakudi na sam nai devana
Jo Baka - Peli tari bhabhi che
Jo Baka - Aapdu kam to jate j karvanu
Jo Baka - Swacchata to rakhavi j padse
Jo Baka - Sabhyata rakhavani

* Jo Bakudi *
Jo Bakudi - Tu ekli nathi aa duniya ma
Jo Bakudi - Bav attitude nai batavano
Jo Bakudi - Nakhara tara ghar ma karvana
Jo Bakudi - Reply to karvano j
Jo Bakudi - Tara jevu koi cute nai
Jo Bakudi - Have mani ja ne
Jo Bakudi - Hmm nai karvanu
Jo Bakudi - Sandal perva mate hoi marva mate nai

* Dekh Bhai *
Dekh Bhai - Ek din to tu pakka pitega
Dekh Bhai - Galti to sabse hoti he
Dekh Bhai - Kayde me rahega to fayde me rahega
Dekh Bhai - Pyar bhai bhai ka lekin hisab pai pai ka
Dekh Bhai - Jo mujase jale wo thoda side chale
Dekh Bhai - Rat ko jyada chatting acchi nahi

* Look Dear/Brother/Sister *
Look Dear - If I will upload my photo, boys will download it
Look Dear - Don't tag me in every facebook photo
Look Dear - Don't send me Candy Crush request
Look Dear - Don't fear because I'm here
Look Brother - Don't try to be oversmart

* Keep Calm *
Keep Calm and Carry On
Keep Calm and Be Awesome
Keep Calm and Love Life
Keep Calm and Never Give Up
Keep Calm and Go To Gym
Keep Calm and Ignore Haters
Keep Calm and Relax !
Keep Calm and Listen Music
Keep Calm Tomorrow is Friday
Keep Calm and Grow Mustache
Keep Calm and Let It Go
Keep Calm and Follow Your Dreams
Keep Calm and Dream Big
Keep Calm and Stay Strong
Keep Calm and Trust God
Keep Calm and Eat a Cookie
Keep Calm and Have a Beer

* Y U NO *
Monday, Y U NO Friday?
Sunday, Y U NO come twice?
Y U NO keep calm and carry on?
Voldemort, Y U NO be named?
You like it, Y U NO share it?
Internet, Y U NO make me study?
Y U NO answer me?
Bedrooms, Y U NO have Ctrl + F?
I txt you, Y U NO text bak?
Joker, Y U NO serious?
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