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Caller Name Talker

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Caller Name Talker is a call and sms announcer when call is incoming or sms incoming with name of caller and sms sender. Caller name talker is simply identify that name person is calling you when you do not pick the phone. This will help you when you driving and you could not receive the phone at that time its help you more.

Features :

1. Announce the Caller name when calling incoming.
2. Announce the Sms sender name when sms incoming and also when battery low or full charge.
3. You can set the custom volume with best sound.
4. Play voice only if headset is attached.
5. Play voice only if saved contacts.
6. Enable Body Speak..?
7. set the speed as well as pitch with best option.
8. Set sound before name, sound after name, and also set battery level.

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