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System of Linear Equations

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Systel (SYSTem of Linear Equations) is the best application to solve systems of linear equations with substitution, equalization and reduction methods. This resolution will show each and every one of the steps required to achieve the solution, interacting with the user.
It also provides a graph of the functions associated of the equations introduced in order better understanding by the user and a geometric interpretation. It gives opportunity to sweem horizontal and vertical and zoomable provided to suit the user.
Furthermore, there is the possibility of a self-assessment consists of 10 questions randomly collected of 30 in order of difficulty.
Finally, there is a problem resolution section, very important at current time, which is solved in one (as a example for users) and another 5 are proposed to them.
Avalaible in English and Spanish.

Main words: systel, systems of linear equatios, systems, equatios, graphical, self-assistment, funtions, problems, solving problems,

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