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Khalsa Nitnem

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Khalsa Nitnem, Application

The khalsa Nitnem Application is developed for reading daily nitnem baani,s by the lovers of the guru sahib and feel the deep connection between you and guru sahib.Nitnem is a compound word meaning daily observance, or covenant. The root word nit means daily, or continual, and nem comes from the word niyam meaning observance or pact, promise, agreement, contract or covenant, principle or rule. In Sikhism, Nitnem is a pact or covenant of daily observance which refers to five required daily prayers, called the Panj Bania, which are reviewed through out the day at the appropriate time.
The prayers of Nitnem correspond to specific times of day including:

Morning Prayers - To be read after bathing, following morning meditation at sunrise.
Evening Prayers - To be read at sunset.
Bedtime Prayers - To be read last thing before sleeping.

* Japji Sahib(amritvela)
* Tav-Prasad Savaiye(morning)
* Shabad Hazare.
* Anand Sahib.
* Rehras Sahib(Evening)
* Kirtan Sohila(night)

* Aarti sahib.
* Ardas.

The khalsa Nitnem Application is designed for most of the compatible devices,if their is issue with your device compatibility with our app do mail with your Cells model no. and we would look forward to sort out the same in further version of Khalsa Nitnem App.

Note:In case you find any spelling mistake kindly mail us at [].we would like to have your suggestions and feedback.

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