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    Important Information Notice

Please read this paragraph before downloading this application.


a standalone application, it is simply a skin for the paid application Zooper Widget Pro. The free version of Zooper does not allow you to add third party skins like this.
Zooper Widget Pro, can be found here:

There is currently an issue with OpenWeatherMap, change your default weather provider to or preferably Yahoo. That will fix the issue where the messages in the bottom bar not displaying. You can see in the video below how to do this.

If you have zooper widget pro, and need help or dont know how to add this widget, please view this video to see how it is done.
How To Use Zooper & My Themes:

    Application Description

This is a paid version of my G3 skin for Zooper Widget Pro, it includes many different color schemes and will receive updates to include other widgets as well.

This is the installer for the actual templates. Since there is an issue with jelly bean and up where the templates don't show up because of the compression and encryption by the store. This will install the it for you like many other paid apps do.
YOU MUST HAVE ZOOPER WIDGET PRO INSTALLED FIRST. Zooper free doesn't support third party skins. This is not a standalone widget.

It is a complete remake from scratch of the widget that is featured on the new LG G3 device, from the leaked screenshots of the new user interface that will be included in the coming release. It is completely made from scratch as a Zooper Widget Pro skin.

It is fully a fully dynamic widget so it is advised to disable the On Tap Action and set it to locked.
It displays a specific message depending on the current weather conditions.
Tapping the clock will take you to the clock app to set alarms, tapping the weather data, drop down icon, or weather icon will bring you to Google Now for further weather information. Tapping on your locality will open maps, and of coarse tapping on the refresh icon will refresh the widget, and tapping the settings icon will take you to the widget configuration to make any alterations.

Feel free to email me with any questions, comments or concerns.

LG and the G3 device had nothing to do with this Zooper template, I simply recreated the design in Zooper.

Free version can be found here:

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