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Hebr-Eng  Siddur Keter Shelomo

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Siddur Keter Shelomo - Android Version - Updated 1/15/15
(We regret that this new version of Siddur Keter Shelomo is only available on Android, at this time)

Siddur Features:
- Free full version, no up-charge.

- Easy user scrolling, no stopping to turn pages.

- Linear Hebrew / English with a concise, modern translation.

- The presentation of the text in short, grammatically and thematically correct phrases, greatly aids most of us in understanding and concentration of the prayers.

- Fully user interactive; allows for direct jumps to many possible different portions within the prayers depending on the circumstances.

- Table of contents nested menus for easy access.

- ie; Weekly Torah portion in 8 seconds, than go directly back to Ashrei...

- Both Portrait and Landscape automatic orientation allow for easy reading of the translated text comfortably, even from a smartphone screen.

- Easy to navigate menu bar on top with a "How To" page in the contents.

This Interactive Android App is based upon the weekday portions of the print Siddur Keter Shelomo as beautifully translated and compiled by Rabbi Shelomo Churba,
which is according to the Minhag of most Sephardic communities, specifically to the Minhag of the (Halabi) Syrian Jewish community of Aram Soba, the ancient name for Aleppo.
Note to Users:
If you are benefiting from this free app, please give it a high rating so it will appear more easily and others may also benefit from it.
Thank you ! ! !
For comments or suggestions re this App, or other possible App projects;
please contact:
You may be able to install Apps on your Blackberry. Do a Google search on:
- -
It is our wish in developing this Mobile App to make it easier for us to
fulfill our obligation for Prayer while on the go, with more understanding,
and also that Hashem answer all of our prayers in a good and sweet way,
and grant us and our families Good Health, Success, & Happiness,
and collectively bestow Shalom Al-Yisrael.
Kislev 24, 5775

Descripción de la aplicación en Español
Sidur Keter Shelomo - Versión Android - Actualizado 1/15/15

Sidur Características:
- Versión completa, sin necesidad de cargar.

- Desplazamiento sencillo para el usuario, sin dejar de pasar páginas.

- Linear Hebreo/Inglés con una concisa, traducción moderna.

- Completamente interactivos; permite saltos directa a muchos posibles diferentes partes de la oración según las circunstancias.

- Tabla de contenido los menús anidados para un fácil acceso. - por ejemploe; el porción semanal de la Torah en 8 segundos,........y despues a 'Ashrei ...'

- Tanto vertical como horizontal orientación automática.

- Fácil de navegar barra de menú en la parte superior con una página "How To" en el contenido.

- - Para comentarios o sugerencias; por favor contacto:
Key Words::
When searching for a Sephardic Siddur, the spelling of some commonly words used varies. varies,
The word Sephardic may be spelled or termed as Sefardic, Sephardi, Sefaradi, or Sefardi.
The spelling for the word Siddur may be spelled as Sidur, Sydur, Sidoor, or Sydour, and may be termed as Tfila, Tefillah, or Tefilia, and may be also termed as the English translation Prayer or Prayers.
The Term we use in the Title due to Title size constraints is Hebr-Eng, by which we mean Hebrew-English, which is sometimes termed as Hebrew English, English-Hebrew or English Hebrew.
This App follows the custom or "minhag" of most Middle Eastern or Sephardic Jewish Communities, with specificity to the customs of Aram Soba, the ancient name for modern day Aleppo, also termed as "Halabi", or originating in Halab, the Arabic name for Aleppo.
This App is offered Free, for only Weekday Jewish prayer, or prayers.
Sabbath and Holy Days Prayers are not included.
Thank you.

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