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The Floating Web Browser application will change the way people use their Android device. The app enables true multi-tasking on Android by allowing you to have multiple popup floating browsers on your screen and interact with them simultaneously. You can hide to background, and re-float the windows as you wish, providing power users a familar desktop OS experience.

* Support for multiple windows, click on app icon for a new window
* Youtube video support in Android Lollipop
* Pinch to Re-size Support for adjusting windows
* Minimize, Hide, Focus, UnFocus and Maximize Windows.
* Open Web address links or shortcuts using Floating Browser as a target browser
* Works great on smartphones with large screens (Glaxy S3, Note, Note II) especially Tablets
* True Multi-Tasking Support
* Windows smoothly transition on landscape to portrait orientation change
* Address ToolBar support for navigating within the web page
* No root or custom rom required.
* Lightweight less than 0.5 mb
* Minimize all windows with ‘Menu’ key
* Floating PopUp Browser starts quicker than the stock system browser

The traditional way of multi-taksing applications on Android is:

1) start an app 2) use the app 3)close the app 4) launch another app …. close it 5) launch previous app again!

Floating Web Browser allows you the skip the redundancy of Android and introduces true multi-tasking with side-by-side windows. Users are no longer restricted to interacting with a single app at a time. Modern Android devices have multi-cores and increased RAM, however the Android OS has not kept up with these hardware improvements. Floating Web Browser takes advantage of larger screen sizes and accelerated hardware to provide Android power users with a new experience.

Permissions requested by this app:

< android.permission.INTERNET = for opening web pages />
< android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE = to detect if device is connected to internet>

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