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Coloring Book(dinosaur)  draw

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Dinosaur Coloring Book is curious, to explore your favorite app is for children.
Offering 28 sheets of sketches of an ancient dinosaur figure is very similar to the actual appearance of the dinosaurs.
Young boys and girls who are interested in dinosaurs, from children to middle school students, the student is anyone can enjoy the application.
In particular, sensitivity and color on a child growth study, patience, concentration and brain development, which can raise the game is.
This application is a lot of exploration and curiosity on a child is a good learning materials. You might also like these useful apps.

Menu Structure
1. Coloring room 2.Study room 3.Free drawing 4.More App

1.Coloring room
- Select 256 pen (with a choice of 256 colors in the pen)
- Eraser pen (color clearly the wrong place can be erased with the eraser.)
- 24 Colours Pen (24 colors in a pen at the bottom of the base, providing easy access is also available.)

- Save the picture (one picture painted two possible permanent storage)
- List (list go to the button)
- 3 kinds of line thickness (for small parts transform into a thin line, thick line for large area variation)
- 4 kinds of line styles (a fuzzy border line, but a line that taeduri, simple lines, dual-color line)
- Information (Go to the Free drawing)

2.Study room
- Scratch the name and type of dinosaurs through the game, the emergence period, meaning, size, food, etc. You can view the information.

3.Free drawing
Sketch of the screen, white background coloring play. To draw pictures for yourself, painted coats, store is also available.

4.More App
Is a useful application that guides you through the menu.

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