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A Smart Phone at your disposal at the touch of a finger! SmartSearch for Android by DIOTEK

DIOTEK’s free application for Android Smart Phone users
DIOTEK’s SmartSearch is a smart, fun, simple and free application for the Android OS. With SmartSearch, you can search address book, music, applications and Internet bookmarks with a simple finger gesture, or voice command.

Smart Fun Application
SmartSearch is a smart, fun Smart Phone management application that allows you to search for and launch an application, address book, music file and other data that reside in your smart phone with a simple finger gesture, or voice command.

Search History, All, Contact, App, Bookmark and Music Search Options
Contact : A phone number that is hard to find when you need it. With SmartSearch, you can find it easily just by entering a letter.

App : “It is hard to find the icon for the game I just installed…”
With SmartSearch, you can find it easily by entering a word that is related to the application.

Bookmark : You can’t remember the Web page address that you added as a favorite in your Smart Phone? Just enter a couple of words under the Bookmark tab in SmartSearch. The Web page address that you saved as a favorite will be shown, and a simple click will move you to the corresponding Web page.

Music : Since I’ve got so many music files, it is really difficult to find the one I want to listen to…
With SmartSearch, you can search for your favorite music just by entering the first letter of the musician’s last name or of the song title. Your listening experience is suddenly more fun as you search for your favorite music with your fingers.

Search History : You can save your search history so that you can search faster and more easily when you search the same content later.

All : You can search for all types of content including address book, bookmark and music.

Content search using Google Voice Search
SmartSearch allows you to perform content search using Google Voice Search.
You can use your own voice to search for the name of the person you want to call or the song title / musician’s name you want to listen to.
You can use widgets to customize your home screen and shortcuts to launch an application quickly.
SmartSearch provides widgets for home screen customization and shortcuts for quick application launches.
SmartSearch supports search in about 30 languages.

SmartSearch – a smart, fun application that is provided by DIOTEK, the top mobile application company in Korea. SmartSearch is available for free for Android Smart Phone users. Please refer this application to other users by using ‘Share with Friends’ under the settings menu.

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