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Math Fundamentals Lite

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/** Choosen by website as a best educational app which helps your kids learning **/

Math Fundamentals is for Kids Grade 3,Grade 4,Grade 5,Grade 6,Grade 7,Grade 8 ,Grade 9. Kids will learn, practice math skills with help, practice timed test & appear the math challenge to compete with other genius around the world.
It has following tutorials.
 Addition
 Subtraction
 Multiplication
 Division
 Order of Operation
 Least Common Multiples(LCM)
 Greatest Common Factors(GCF)
 Fraction
 Decimal
 Percentage
 Time.
It has quizzes & timed test on all above learned topics.

While practicing you can know the correct answer for each question by pressing answer button which appears below each question..
There are two digits, three digits, four digits numbers addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Questions starts with single digit numbers and complexity increases as you move on. Not only you will be able to add, subtract, multiply & divide integers but also you can add, subtract, multiply & divide decimals & fractions. This covers all the necessary math skills which everybody including adult & student should know and which is required in everyday life. We bet you can calculate very quickly the real life calculations like 10 % discount on any item or like you need to pay 25% interest on borrowed money.
Answers are multiple choice type and you don’t need to type anything only select the answer. Reports get stored in our database so you or your parent can check anytime. For our learning tutorial part you don’t need internet connection. You can compare yourself with others in our Global Champions section. This displays 50 TOP PERFORMER around the world. This records the time in practice mode too .So you can try to do it faster and could finish within time while you practice test.

There are 10 questions in each category to practice .So total 250 questions. There are different questions in practice & timed test in each category. There is a timer when you practice timed test, so you need to do it quickly. Math challenge has 50 questions covering the entire above learned topic.

Whats new in version 2?
Math challenge is added to compete with other genius around the world.

Its full version contains few more brain teasing category like
 Missing Number
 Fill in the space
 Complete the series
 Arithmetic Progression(A.P) & Geometric Progression(G.P)
 Mean, Median & Mode.
For example in missing number there are quizzes like 596- ? = 400.You can do this only if you have already mastered the subtraction. Try out full version to be a master in math fundamentals.

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