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Memolicious Thai

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Learn the consonants when starting and ending a word using several phonetic representations, as well as their High/Mid/Low classification. Learn long and short vowels, and the Thai numbers 0-9. You can choose from several different Thai fonts and the app will keep track of your best/weakest questions so you have the ability to focus on the letters that you're having the most problems with. Memolicious does not yet contain any audio samples for pronunciation, although it is definitely on our TODO-list.

Memolicious is a learning system, in game form, using spaced repetition algorithms similar to those found in programs like Supermemo and Mnemosyne. If you want something that you can just jump right into, that's fun, that you'll get hooked on, and that will give the most results in the least amount of time, this is the app for you.

Background: We had started teaching ourselves the Thai alphabet and tonation rules, and were looking for a good program or app to help us. However, what we found were that the easiest apps were either simple flash card apps and glossary programs with little or no logic built in, that the game oriented apps were largely marketed to kids, with balloons and fuzzy animals. We also found that the programs that used intelligent algorithms to focus on teaching you the stuff you were having the most trouble with, were massively complex systems with steep learning curves where you had to spend hours building your learning material before even beginning to study.

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