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Neuron Gym: Brain Trainer Beta

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Train Your Brain! Neuron gym is a brain training platform to enhance your cognitive skills. Neuron gym is the result of combination of tremendous research & latest cutting edge technology; a scientifically developed tool designed to rewire the neurons in order to increase the productivity, creativity, concentration and decision making skills of an individual. Based on the concept of neuroplasticity the games are divided into six different categories:
• Attention
• Memory
• Visual perception
• Processing speed
• Problem solving
• Mental flexibility

With analytical tools embedded in it neuron gym assures to track your performance with time for optimum results. The analysis is shown in the form of simple graphs pointing the strong & weak areas of your brain. Using principles of standardized testing, your scores are also converted to a standardized scale known as ANI (Average Neuron Index). ANI is a uniform measure and thus helps you to better analyse your performance.

We are currently in beta, Support the development by giving us your feedback.

Description of Games:

1. Dual Focus: Master at multitasking!
Cognitive skill trained: Divided attention
Dual Focus helps you to pay attention at multiple things at a time thus enhancing your multitasking ability

2. Blink: gone with the wink!
Cognitive skill trained: Selective attention
Blink is a perfect attention game that helps you perceive elements of your surroundings very accurately and quickly

3. Track the route: À la dots!
Cognitive skill trained: Working Memory
Track the route enhances your working as well as navigational memory .It helps your remember pathways and different routes

4. Memory Matrix: the matrix effect!
Cognitive skill trained: Spatial memory
Memory matrix enhances your spatial memory and enhances your ability to recall an object’s location.

5. Shapes: Time to know what’s trash and what’s real!
Cognitive skill trained: Visual discrimination
Shapes helps you in making your brain capable of ignoring the redundant data and at the same time taking up the required data

6. Dancing balls: which way did it go?!
Cognitive skill trained: Visual relation
Dancing balls helps you to process information in visual form more easily and efficiently

7. Match it: Where blue can be red too!
Cognitive skill trained: Response inhibition
Match it enhances your mental flexibility especially in touch and go decision making situation

8. Reversal: know when you gotta turn back.
Cognitive skill trained: Task switching
Reversal helps you in improving your cognitive control by enhancing your ability of shifting tasks.

9. Money Game: One for the money!
Cognitive skill trained: Quantitative reasoning
Money game enhances your problem solving skills by stimulating your quantitative reasoning abilities.

10. Parachute: Parachute battalion!
Cognitive skill trained: Numerical calculation
Parachute is a game which helps to increase your numerical calculation skills

11. Speed Shop: Sorting was never so much fun! –
Cognitive skill trained: Decision processing
Speed shop increases your processing speed in small decision making thus increasing your overall efficiency.

12. Spot it: What did just pass behind the window??
Cognitive skill trained: Information processing
Spot it increases the information processing speed of your brain.

13. Brain Flash: Get…. set….. And, wait for it…Go!
Cognitive skill trained: Reflex
Brain flash helps you to enhance your reflex action via increasing the processing speed of your brain.

Disclaimer: Mental exercise is similar to physical exercise as they are only useful while you do them regularly. Long term benefits of Brain Games are still under research.


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