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AR-16 Relay Controller

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USB Relays connect directly to your phone or tablet's USB or Micro USB port.

The AR-16 Relay Controller App is the ideal solution for hundreds of applications where control of external devices is needed. Connect the AR-16 Relay Interface to your Tablet or Phone's USB port and you have instant control of any electrical device that can be connected to a relay. Control lighting, motors, appliances, HVAC equipment, lock or gate solenoids, indicator panels, heaters, camera tilt and pan, robotics and thousands of other electrical devices. Great for field testing prototype products or testing equipment for reliability.

This App allows you to instantly energize or de-energize a relay from your tablet or phone's touch screen. The app's start-up screen allows you to control all 16 of the AR-16 relays. Touch the relay button for the desired relay and the relay will energize (button will turn red). Touch the button again and the relay will de-energize (button will turn green). Label the relay buttons as needed from within the App or just create a text file using Notepad on your desktop PC and then copy to your tablet.

Use EECI's CO-USB cable (available with Standard USB or Micro USB connector) for connecting the AR-16 to your tablet or phone.

The AR-16 Relay Controller App has been developed to run on Android operating systems Android 3.2 through Android 4.4 which includes Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and KitKat. Root permission or special driver not needed for most Android phones and tablets that use the Android operating system 3.2 or higher (Honeycomb and up), just enable USB Host Mode. The USB Host Diagnostics app by Chainfire may use used to troubleshoot USB issues with your phone or tablet and may allow you to turn on the USB Host Mode function if you are unable to locate the setting on your phone. Free telephone support is provided for this app by contacting EECI Support at (614) 464-4470.

Need more relays? Just add additional EX-16 or EX-32 relay expansion cards (16 or 32 relays)... for a total of up to 128 relays. The additional relays are controlled by selecting the desired screen (16 relays per screen).

Need less relays? Just connect the AR-8 Relay Interface for control of 8 reed relays. The AR-16 Relay Controller App may also be used to control relays used with EECI's ADC-16 Analog to Digital or the STA-16 Contact Monitor. Please visit for more information.

Custom Apps available for specialized applications, contact EECI's support staff for more information... (614) 464-4470.

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