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Introducing Capitalism

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Introducing Capitalism is one of the Introducing Graphic Guides, an award-winning collection of books that employ text and graphics to explore the biggest ideas mankind has ever come up with. The app transforms the 174 page book into an interactive format enjoyable on all mobile devices including tablets, also featuring notes, comments and social sharing capabilities.

About the Book

The history, philosophy and politics of one of the biggest, most successful but most controversial ideas ever.

Capitalism now dominates the globe and influences everything from laws, wars and government to interpersonal relationships. Introducing Capitalism tells the story of its remarkable and often ruthless rise, evolving through strife and struggle as much as innovation and enterprise.

Dan Cryan and Sharron Shatil, with Piero’s brilliant graphics, cover the major economic, social and political developments that shaped the world we live in, such as the rise of baking, the founding of America and the Opium Wars. The book explores the leading views for and against, including thinkers like Adam Smith, Karl Marx, Theodor Adorno and Milton Friedman, the connections between them and their historical context.

Few ideas have had as much impact on our everyday libes as capitalism. Introducing Capitalism is the essential companion.

Topics covered include:

➔ The Knights Templar
➔ Hobbes, the First Capitalist Thinker
➔ Locke and Civil Government
➔ The Rothschilds
➔ The Cycles of Capitalism
➔ Monetarism vs. Keynesianism
➔ Unmasking Consumer Culture

… and much, much more.

About the App

The Introducing App is more than just a direct conversion of the print edition. It is an adaptation of the content into a look-and-feel tailor made for mobile devices. Each page is broken down to be easily read on a smaller screen. All illustrations are animated to further drive the narrative, and to help clarify some very challenging ideas. This approach, named Story View, offers a completely unique way to enjoy the Introducing Graphic Guide series.

For those who prefer the original book format, the tablet version also includes Classic View, which presents the pages exactly as they appear in the print version. Rotating the iPad allows readers to view one page at a time in portrait, or two at a time in landscape.

Some other features include:

➔ Complete Chapter Index
➔ Page by Page Browsing using CoverFlow
➔ Taking Notes Across Devices
➔ Sharing Comments with Others
➔ Twitter & Facebook Integration

… and soon, reading across platforms.

About Introducing Graphic Guides

INTRODUCING is a series of graphic guides that covers every key thinker and topic in philosophy, psychology and science, and many others in politics, religion, cultural studies, linguistics and other areas. Each book is written by an expert in the field, and illustrated by a leading graphic artist. There's no better or more enjoyable way to get your head around the biggest ideas mankind has ever come up with.

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