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Logical Reasoning Challenge

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Logical reasoning test with a difference; that's Logical Reasoning Challenge. The aim of the game is to complete six rounds of logical reasoning questions to earn the Tesla Award. You start at Einstein round initially; answer questions correctly to progress through the rounds to reach the final Tesla round. Complete the Tesla round to earn the Tesla Award.

Find the pattern in the question, identify the next item in the pattern and choose it from the available options. Race against time to complete each round. You score points when you get a question right, but you will loose points when you get one wrong. Also, you get additional points for finishing ahead of allotted time.

Use the Logical Reasoning Challenge regularly to hone your logical reasoning skills. Logical reasoning is a key piece in every one of the tests out there. Logical reasoning test is usually the first step in almost all graduate and internship application process. Get yourself familiarized with the logical reasoning tests, and you will have an extra edge over other job seekers. You might find the questions very difficult initially, but the more you practice, the better you will get at it. Soon you will find how easy logical reasoning tests really are. You will start to enjoy them and relish them.

How is Logical reasoning Challenge app different from other logical reasoning apps out there?
We have researched carefully to identify the questions that match closely with the ones you are likely to get in various graduate job tests and exams. You will find that by regularly playing Logical reasoning Challenge, you can finish other logical reasoning tests well ahead of available time.

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