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Pedometer - Health Pedo

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Walking is best exercise. Nowadays, how many do you walk ?
You can find out how much walking by pedometer.
Pedometer for walking and running.
Anywhere at any time, your steps is measured by the pedometer. Please set your goals and challenges.
Pedometer will help your diet.
Pedometer - Health Pedo is the best pedometer available for the Android platform. It counts your steps and lets you know when you've reached daily step goal.
This allows it to use less power than competitors, like accupedo.
Is determined by comparing the number of steps users worldwide ranking.
Try comparing how many in the world, such as the number of my steps.

• After you press the Start button, anytime, anywhere can walk in your measurement.
• You can set a new goal.
• the number of steps from the main screen of the day, calories, distance can be sure that you can see the achievement of the goal.
• The continuous set of valid 1-10 walk walking step by step, it automatically recognized. If one recognizes the right pace.
• More efficient battery consumption and time set for the activity.
• Simple and concise widget.
• Daily walk to the list of data showed that users were clearly shows.
• the number of steps of the main screen by midnight reset.
• daily number of steps through the graph, calories, distance, you can see the change.
• Detailed information on the data that can be shared with others.
• Unit
- metric units, miles, meters can be set to the length of setting km, m, cm are converted to weight in kg.
- Miles units, when setting the length of the mi, ft, inch by weight is converted to a lb.

• For more accurate measurements, set your height and weight. The walking stride accordingly calculated and set to run stride.
• Auto set if different from his stride stride can be set manually.
• Setup and set your profile to suit their workout more efficient and accurate measurement.

• Effective continuous setting the pace of the movement in everyday life, including the number of steps you can reduce the error.
• Sensitivity to fit your device, select your
• whether the notification bar settings to set whether notifications through the launch.

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