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Who reads this Durood Shareef in excess (day/night) will gain
the maqaam or position similar to Wali, Qutub, Abdaal and
Ghouse. The gains include that all the sins however big or
small will be forgiven even if they are equal to the surf
of oceans. (Note: I heard from my pir o murshid that ibadah
that includes forgiveness of all the sins, only refers to
minor sins and not major sins.)

And ont he day of judgement, the reciter of this
Durood Shareef will be given his/her Aamaal Naama (Book of
Deeds) in his/her right hand by the angels and by the Barakah
of this Durood Shareef the balance of good deeds will weigh
more and he/she will receive the special Shifaat of Nabi
Kareem Sallal Laahu Ta'ala Alayhi Wa Aalihi WaSallam and
he/she will be given Jannah without any Hisaab o Kitaab.

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