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Weight Converter

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Weight Calc conversion calculator lets users quickly convert different types of weight units. This is a very simple weight converter. Convert from ton gram g kg kilogram pound lb and ounce oz. Simply enter one value, click done, and the other values are converted for you. Allows decimal values and whole numbers. Simple, basic weight converter. Calculate weight simply by providing one value. Convert from any value and the other values appear automatically. Convert the following.

Gram G
Ounce OZ
Pound LB
Kilogram KG

Weight Calc was designed for simplicity. You don't have to choose the weight you want to convert. You just input the weight that you choose and hit done. The other fields are populated immediately giving you the weight conversion you need fast. Whether you're converting grams to ounces, ounces to grams, pounds to kilograms, pounds to tons, kilograms to tons, pounds to kilograms, etc, converting couldn't be simpler. Just provide the weight you know, and the rest are converted once you hit done. Weight Calc is quite possibly the simplest weight converter on the market.

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