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Holy Loser! HD

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Beware! This game is gonna get you ADDICTED. You are going to play for HOURS every single DAY.


Michael Loser is the name of one of the gods living above us. This god represents uselessness. He has no real power, no contribution to the world, nor no heart to do good to human. He has no friends in heaven. Every one in heaven calls him by his last name - Loser.....

One day, Loser couldn't stand it anymore and he decided to do something productive. He took the Sword of Thunder from Zeus and went to our World. However, as stupid as he is, he couldn't think of what to do with the powerful Sword of Thunder. As he landed in a forest, he decided to stay there and kill some animals..............

You, as the player, act as Michael Loser.

Remember, even you are god, you are not immortal. You will be killed by constant attack from the animal or the bomb! Use your thunder power to kill as much animal as you can.

3 Game Modes:

1.) Time Attack (as comes with the free package) - Kill as much animal as you can in 3 minutes. Beware of the bomb. Tons of animal will appear when the kill mode is activated. Enjoy.
2.) Normal Mode - This mode is gonna get you keep playing for hours. Difficulty increase while time passes. Very fun, lot's of challenges.
3.) Kill Mode - A game with Kill Mode activate every 20 seconds. Kill a lot of animals while avoiding the bomb! This is the most addicted game mode.

- Beautiful graphics
- Cute animals
- Fruit ninja type game play
- Very addictive
- 3 modes with different high scores
- Exciting music that gets you going
- More then 40 kinds of enemies, always get you surprised
- Became one of the top game already in the competitor's app store!


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