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Funny Lines 98

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Funny Lines 98 is a funny game with images of cute ladybugs and is very good to help you relax. Funny Lines 98 is based on the famous game Lines 98 with grid 9x9 and seven different colors.

In specially, in advanced mode, you will get ladybugs with star if you remove more than 5 ladybugs. When a ladybug with star is removed, the ladybugs around it will be removed. So you can get more scores.

Funny Lines 98 supports functions:
- Nice friendly interface with cute ladybugs.
- Save and load game
- Sound effects
- Easy to play, hard to master.
- Best score statics
- Addictive

Game rules is very simple with Funny Lines 98. After each moves, on the three empty field's generated three ladybugs, one of seven different colors. For a one move, player can move the ladybug on any empty field, previously allocated it. If player allocate a ladybug, and then thought better of his move, he can click on the allocated ladybug or click outside the grid to cancel the selection. In order to move was made, it is necessary that the path to the selected field was free. The purpose of the game is to remove as many ladybugs, as you can, arranged in a row. The minimum number of ladybugs that can be removed is five. After each moves, generated three new ladybugs. If the ladybugs were removed, new ladybugs in this move does not generated. At the top of the screen, player can see three ladybugs that generated in the next move.

The Funny Lines app is similar to Lines, Lines 98, Line, Line 98, Classic Lines, Classical Lines, Cute Lines

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