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Jungle Cat Free Puzzles

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3 in 1 Puzzle Games - Jigsaw, Slide and Tile Swap. Play Jungle Cat Puzzle TODAY!!!!!

A Great PUZZLE that is NO Mess, NO Frustration! - Just a great challenge and tons of fun! Ready for Your Android Device.

Are you amazed by the majestic and mysterious beauty of wild jungle cats? Do you love watching nature shows about these lords of the jungle?

If you love to go to the zoo to see the Jungle Cats...then you're going to go wild over this puzzle game.

This game takes photos of great photos of Black Jaguar, Bobcat, Cheetah, Jaguar, Jungle Cat, Leopard, Lion, Lion Cub, Lynx, Margay, Mountain Lion, Ocelot, Puma, Puma Leaping, Tiger, White Leopard, White Lion, White Tiger, Young Cheetah and more turning them into challenging puzzles. You’ll find pics of a great lion, a black leopard and even a puma leaping through the air.

What Makes this Puzzle So Remarkable?
- Play Jigsaw, Slide and Tile-Swap Puzzle
- Choose a puzzle game from our many extraordinary photographs included in the app.
- Make your own puzzle with Facebook or own pictures
- Choose an easy 9 piece puzzle or if you’re feeling brave – work up to a harder 200 piece puzzle.
- There is a built-in timer that allows you to try and beat your own best time each time you play.
- Easy bragging rights feature is integrated with Facebook and Twitter – Entice your friends to try and beat your best time, (I bet you can’t beat mine).
- You can save up to 10 puzzles at any given time and play your puzzle at a later time.

Best Jigsaw, Slide and Tile swap Puzzles on Android

Play this puzzle app anytime you have a free moment and need some challenging entertainment. The only problem is…you won’t want to put it down once you start.

“Fun & addicting jungle cats! – Just started playing it, I love it so far!” – Sophia Carter
“Great game – I’m usually too impatient 4 puzzles, but this is great!!” – Astrolog Petar
“Wild cats – Excellent app for all ages. Its fun and it passes time. Instal it.” – Jeffrey Miller
“I LOVE BIG CATS!!!!!!!!!!! – If you too LOVE cat install it I said install it” – Kallum Watts

Keep yourself entertained for hours when you download and solve these stunning puzzles. This is the perfect app whenever you need your daily fix of wild jungle cats.

Jungle Cat Photographs include:
Black Jaguar
Jungle Cat
Lion Cub
Mountain Lion
Puma Leaping
White Leopard
White Lion
White Tiger
Young Cheetah

ENJOY PLAYING Stunning Puzzles of the Most Amazing Jungle Cats!

If you love this free puzzle app, please rate it 5 stars and leave a nice comment. This helps us share the app and create other great puzzle apps. If you do not love it, please email us at and tell us why. We want to hear your feedback and comments. If you have a high quality picture you want us to add to the app, email it to us (you must have all legal rights to the picture).

This free puzzle app is supported by advertisements, which lets us buy higher quality pictures to insert into the app. We also offer an advertisement-free version which you can access anytime in the game for a fee.

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