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Where's The Alligator Running is a fun new water game that brings you a new spin on a classic arcade style game.

Simon the alligator lived in the swamp his whole life. It was a good life, but he desired something more. He wanted to go out and see the world for himself. This meant that he needed to leave his swamp. So he did, and he started running. Soon he found himself in a strange warm environment with green spiky trees.

It's time to help Simon through the dessert in an Where's The Alligator Running.

As an alligator in the desert Simon needs all the help he can get. Guide Simon across the various challenges that he will encounter and help him safely explore the world and dodge obstacles like cactus’s, pits and birds. You have ten chances to get as far as possible and even more if you collect water.

Features of Alligator Run
• This game has beautiful graphics.
• Touch gesture controls to help you aid Simon along.
• It has amazing animation and sound.
• It's ad free.
• It is compatible with Androids 2.2 and up.

Functions of Where's The Alligator Running
• Collect bottles of water to raise the number of lives you have.
• Jump over pits and obstacles by tapping your screen.
• Use the gesture system to run across the 2D environment.

How to Play

Guide Simon the alligator across the screen with the touch gesture system. Jump by tapping once. Jump again by tapping twice. You will need to jump over pits, birds and cactus. Running or falling into any of these obstacles will cost you a life. When your lives run out the game is over. There are bottles of water that will give you extra lives if you collect them. You'll want to collect as many as you can to lengthen your Alligator run. The amount of extra lives that you can gather is limited so when you try to get as far as you can, you're going to encounter a few challenges so be sure to dodge them all to maximize your Alligator run.

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