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Beginning of beginning

Shared by Nirav Blaze in Journals Category

Starting from a little site "code world" our C.E.O Mr. Dhruv Patel a.k.a (DV) has been working very hard for achieving what he wants. Talented guy of chndkheda seems like he's mapping steps to be the top one.
Path has not been so easy, there were many moments of loss. but he never gave up on his dreams. he emerged with all new ideas and amazed everyone.
"code world" was a 1'st or i may say a nurturing investment to his dreams. After code world came other sites and then our Mastermind decided to make a social networking which was also pretty good. And there was the birth of "WEBBUDDS".
He worked days and nights for "webbudds" and created a very good social networking site. He never stepped back and took a step to android app development and developed very good applications like "smsbudds". He also developed file manager application, caller application with great UI.
Finally he made up his mind and started working for this amazing open sharing platform which enables to share all extension files and URLs with great features.
A very determined fun loving guy did it !!
way to go man....achieve everything u want good luck !! :)

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